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We are a Professional Audio, Lighting & Video Company

GQ Production is the pinnacle in event production and audio-visual experience. Our founder has been designing, producing, and delivering successful events for decades.
 GQ Production's main priority for any event is to simplify the process by ensuring that any and all audio, lighting and visual related challenges are handled without the need for our clients direct involvement. We believe it is our job to take your vision and make it a reality.
 Our passion is to enhance all events by offering outstanding service, the best equipment, best staff and the most versatile design options. In conjunction with our many services, as a one stop shop, we laso offer professional DJ and dance floor rentals which is a must at any event for attendees to be able to have a great night of fun and laughter, with great memories to last a life time. For our team it’s about building a relationship and growing with your events for years to come.

High Quality

Our specialty is offering High Quality Professional A/V & Entertainment Services for wedding, Vancouver concerts, Vancouver festivals, Vancouver corporate events, Vancouver trade shows, Vancouver conferences and any other event you can think of in Vancouver and in the surrounding areas, with everything you need including video projectors, projector screens, sound systems, staging and truss, lighting technicians, audio technicians, video and lighting technicians. We also supply wedding DJs and talented Vancouver professional DJ's for any event big or small.

  • Planning Consultants Organize the Details You Need

  • GQ Production is based in Vancouver BC. and also caters to the surrounding areas. We also provide international services with enough notice even for wedding. A Vancouver wedding is especially important to us as we've done so many of them and are experienced in handling the many aspects in creating the special day a wedding is and how to make it truly memorably. We have a number of wedding awards in lower mainland Vancouver British Columbia and Vancouver BC (British Columbia) for the Best 2016 Wedding DJ Company.

  • With a number of corporate clients providing Christmas Parties in Vancouver BC every year including Sunlife, Macdonald Realty, Monstarcat... to name a few, our experience has shown that our relationships are solid and give 110% for the success and execution of every event. Music is so important and to have the right music for any given event as DJs in Vancouver is crucial, especially for the dance floors. So we customize every playlist that is just right for you event, music, music, important. Vancouver, BC is a hub for all that is arts and entertainment and we'd like to keep it that way. With that said we make sure that all events in the lower mainland are catered with the utmost professionalism. British Columbia in particular has a great landscape for amazing DJ festival experiences and we have a number of DJ heavy festivals under our belt. We bring the DJ party and provide top quality equipment and services to the DJ industry with style and grace. Contact us.

  • We are also a DJ company supplying the best in DJ Services Vancouver, Wedding DJ Vancouver, Christmas Party Vancouver for all you need for your party. Our Vancouver DJs are professional and as a DJ myself we've also hired professional DJ's to add to our roster and have all years of experience. We offer a wide range of DJ service packages with the best in high quality DJ equipment rental. Weddings are fun and our DJ service in Vancouver are also fun as well as interactive (if needed), classy (if needed), or if you want a wedding DJ that fits your event perfectly we are here to please. People are always blown away at the level of service we offer. Best music experience with our exciting Dj services can be had by all. Easy one on one consultation to plan the perfect Wedding or Christmas Party, we can meet and fill out our customized form together, this is just an extra level of customer service we offer, free of charge. Call us today for an appointment for Vancouver or International for the best reply during business hours. Vancouver runs on Pacific time.

  • We also offer a wide range of stage lighting, concert lighting, dance floors, special effects such as low lying fog machines, stage blasters, lasers, staging and truss, which will bring an amazing atmosphere to any party or event. Our team is here to make your day a great success that will truly wow your guests. Pricing can be accessed through a quick email to our sales team. Contact us today. The best experience for Vancouver and international wedding music DJ and any event DJ services. ​

Wedding Events

We take great pride in planning out your special day and it is what we are best known for. There are many components that take great planning to get your special day in order. As experienced service providers in this field, we sit down with you for an intake to be sure we can take on your project and ultimately design your event theme and energy you would like for your special day. You can then leave the rest up to us while we carry out your dream and cater to you on that day. We ask your guests to text us at our special request line for requests and carry out your vision in creating the best music for you and your guests. Music is such an important aspect of bringing family and friends together and as professionals in this field we realize just like two people fit in harmony together so do music notes. We have received glowing reviews on creating beautiful experiences and that alone gives us the passion to create unique auditory spaces for each clients desires. Find out why we are top rated professionals and let us enchant your special day by reaching out today.

Christmas and New Years Events

We love to bring Christmas cheer to your corporate or family events with all the holiday favorites whether hip or old school we ring the year out with a bang time and time again. Such a festive and fun time deserves the very best so you can unwind and enjoy and leave your events up to us. We guarantee you we'll have everyone on the dance floor having a good time. We like to pair these events with our awesome festive lighting and we have a few customized packages to put the wow factor into any size party you are planning. Inquire today so we can design the right package for you. We can also suggest venues as we are familiar with the city. No event is too big or too small. Our goal is for you to end the year OFF right.


Festival season our favorite magically special time of year. Our professionals behind the scenes make sure of this. The work we put into the right lighting and backdrops and visuals creates a unique experience for each guests own personal experience. We thrive in making dreams a reality. Inquire today.


We also provide Singers, Performing Artists, Dancers and Talent for any event. Contact us today to book artists for your event, as well, if you are a performing artist and would like to audition, show us what you got, and we can put you in front of audiences to showcase your talent.