A Stage is a key facet of any performance. Whether you need a small platform for presentation at a conference or a larger setup for an outdoor concert, the staging provides the ground beneath your feet.

GQ Production is a trusted name for all your rentals for events in BC. We provide high quality, reliable service and materials to create the ideal foundation for your production. We are one of the premier providers of staging equipment, portable decks, as well as truss rigging and roof systems. From fundraisers to festivals and speeches to theatrical performances, we are outfitted with the tools and expertise to meet your needs.

Knowing who you can trust to deliver is important. Our expertise, agility, creativity and performance with event production is why the top names put their events in our hands. Lights and Sound offers audio and dj equipment rental, stage rental, pipe and drape installation. Generator rental for special events, parties, conferences, concerts and festivals. We rent and install sound and lighting equipment for indoor or outdoor events. We also rent and install for concerts, roof systems as well as truss ground supported systems for any and all occasions.

Specializing in live performance services, large LED display screens, lights, sound, truss, special effects, talent booking, live performers and singer, DJ’s… this is your one stop shop for event production!

For all your needs. All of our configurations are 4 x 4 pieces. Highly durable, heavy capacity, stable, sturdy, high quality. We supply stairs. Railings for safety, indoor and outdoor setup, delivery, tear down and pick up. Typically a 4×4 section is $69 but pricing goes down after 4, 8, 12, 16 sections.