My Music

Music is our life. We’ve been providing DJ’s and performers for events for more than a decade all across Canada and beyond, the experience being behind the decks and in the lime light has grown over the years and this is exactly what you get, experience!. The best professional DJ’s from GQ Production go above and beyond to provide great quality services you’ve come to expect. We are truly all about customer satisfaction. We bring the party and our DJ’s are versatile and adapt the music to any event. Our fun and outgoing DJ’s really enjoy performing. Let GQ Production make your next event a complete success. We can provide any musical genre. Whether it’s at a massive underground rave or a small house party, weddings and corporate events or a large scale concert to a sweet 16 Birthday party, music is always on point for whatever event we do. We also provide remixing services for your songs, call us today to chat about your music and how we can help add that touch of DJ remix sound to your singles. Music makes the world go round is what I always say, and for a great atmosphere at any event you need the right tools. A professional DJ with the music repertoire to go with it makes all the difference. Click the link below to Soundcloud and enjoy DJ Hixz in the mix. You can also find me on:




Full Wedding and Event Packages available upon request, go to contact page.